Monterea Road, Ripley

The drainage reserve for this 144 lot residential development also functions as a district parkland for the community. Natural play elements are designed to become integral and distinctive features of the landscape. Boulders are used as steps and dry gullies, fallen trees are reused to create simple, cost efficient and durable natural play elements.

Storm water design features include:

  • Designated low flow paths to enable functional active and passive recreation areas
  • Boulder lined outflow and gully treatments to contribute to water flow dissipation.
  • Native reed planting along gullies to promote a natural creek aesthetic.
  • Pedestrian/cycle paths and bridge crossings located for high water access 

Gowrie Residential Estate

LARK was commissioned to develop perspective images for the streetscapes for the proposed residential estate on the outskirts of Toowoomba. A new shopping centre, street trees, footpaths, street furniture, parkland and playground areas were created with sketchup modelling software. Rough hand drawn and coloured sketches bring to life possible scenarios for the streets of the proposed development.  

Victory Heights, Dubai

The Victory Heights development is comprised of over 800 residential dwellings, 3 community centres, a Tennis Academy and an 18 hole Ernie Els golf course and clubhouse facility. Gerard Canavan was project leader for the landscape development of the entire site, responsible for the design process from concept through to delivery of construction and tender documentation. He also provided financial and technical evaluation of the tendered project works. Gerard was actively involved with the project for over 3 years, eventually managing the supervision team to ensure successful construction of the now completed works. 

Gerard Canavan was project leader on this project, during his time with Dubai based landscape architecture firm Cracknell.

Diyar Al Muharraq, Bahrain

Diyar Al Muharraq (DAM) is a land reclamation project to the north of the existing coast of Bahrain. The proposed total project area falls within a 2400 hectare site over 4 Stages of development.

Stage 1, currently under development, is indicated on the location plan and covers an area of 600 hectares, measuring 4km by 1.5km. Stage 1 is divided into 8 Assets, each asset planned to support distinctive communities within the development.

Gerard Canavan was project leader on this project, during his time with Dubai based landscape architecture firm Cracknell.


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Valdal Residence, Arthur Street, Toowoomba

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